Cyber Security and You

Since evaluation of smartphones and tablets, we have created another identity for us in Virtual world. In the age of Facebook, non presence of yourself in virtual world consider un-social. As we are emerging to online world, we are getting vulnerable to identity theft, personal information hacks, or just plain searchable by anyone in the world.

For instance, most of mobile phone user don't even know what is basic steps to protect your mobile phone. If you are one of them, here are the some steps you can take to protect yourself and your smartphone/tablets:

1. Know your surroundings: Whenever unlocking your phone or looking some private or sensitive information look around if no one is looking at your shoulder.

2. Use Pin or Password: It seems so convenient not to lock your phone as you can check your message or make call without a hassle to put password but if it is easy for you, it will be easy for person who may have stolen your phone.

3. Add Apps to locate, lock and erase phones data: There are lot of Apps available to locate or lock or erase your data remotely. Now a days IOS and Android both operating system are providing this feature.

4. Backup personal info: Again there Apps available to do this or you can use inbuilt functionality of android and apple phones.

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