Homemade Firewall & You

With the ever changing world of cyber attacks one comes across day in and day out, you too, like me, will be paranoid about cyber security. Have you ever wondered how you will secure the home network for your children and how to ensure that they do not click malicious websites which can destroy your tablet or computer after the Malware is installed.

The solution to all these problems lies in having a home made firewall. One of the free good options available is having Smoothwall. It is a dual home made firewall which would mean that you will have two NICs (network interface card). one for the outside and the other for the inside internet traffic. The following three easy steps will help you to install this firewall in your home computer.

Step 1:

  • You need to find any decent computer box where you can add another NIC.

Step 2:

  • Download Smoothwall express firewall from the smoothwall.org.

Step 3:

  • Just follow the prompts to setup firewall for your home network.

See below sample screen shots:

The following link will provide you an excellent information about the installation and maintenance of Smoothwall Express:

Smoothwall Community