Email Phishing and You

In the past few years, you must have experienced a number of email phishing attempts. While we all do our due diligence to identify these emails, please remember to carefully consider the source and legitimacy of such emails, links, and attachments.

Three good cyber security habits to be adopted when reviewing all email correspondence are as follows:

1. Never assume that "From:" address of an email is legitimate. Remember, it can be faked. Even when it appears to originate from a legitimate email source.

2. Never assume clickable links within an email are legitimate. Hover and check the actual, full target URL which appears in the lower left corner of your browser. And remember, “If in doubt, don’t try it out.” If necessary, search for the topic or enter the website URL manually.

3. Never assume that all attachments are good. Never open an unexpected attachment unless you are doubly sure that it came from a legitimate source. This applies to PDF files as well, which are increasingly being used to spread malware. If you have any doubt about an attachment’s authenticity, call the sender.

Following these simple habits could save you a lot of stress and possibly money in future.

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